Printing Industry an Essential Service


Printed products are essential – the printing industry have been working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic printing food packaging labels, medicine labels and printing public health information notices.  


Turbowash cleaning systems are used extensively in the Printing Industry to clean rollers and anilox sleeves, etching plates, ink ducts, cartridge holders, ceramic rollers and other removable printing pieces that accumulate oil, water, alcohol or UV-based ink. Print quality can be affected if the components are not completely cleaned of inks after use.


The example below shows rollers being cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This anilox roller was immersed in the tank for 5 minutes at a temperature of 70°C.


Ultrasonic technology can access the most hard-to-reach places regardless of their complexity and with no effort. Therefore, using our machines for your cleaning needs, ensures you obtain a consistent and high printing quality. Our cleaning equipment can be rented, purchased and maintained by Turbowash.


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