Standard and customised parts cleaning solutions

Standard and customised parts cleaning solutions
Spray washers, ultrasonics and bespoke parts cleaning solutions across a vast range of applications

Welcome to Turbowash

Turbowash offers a wide range of parts cleaning solutions, including spray washers and ultrasonic cleaning systems for various applications. Our expertise extends from automotive parts cleaning to the meticulous cleaning of precision parts in the manufacturing industry.

We are proud to offer cutting-edge technology for cleaning precision parts, from industrial parts washers to custom-designed, fully automated ultrasonic cleaning solutions with robotic loading and unloading systems, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness.

Parts cleaning solutions we offer

Standard Equipment

At Turbowash, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for your parts cleaning needs in various industries. Our standard spray washers and ultrasonic tanks are available for rent or purchase. These cutting-edge systems are not only efficient and cost-effective but are also designed to handle medium workloads with ease, especially when it comes to cleaning large, bulky parts. 

Our spray wash systems are tailored to suit a diverse range of industrial applications, making them a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a smallscale operation or a large manufacturing facility, our equipment is equipped to meet your needs effectively. 

Additionally, our ultrasonic cleaning technology is renowned for its versatility in removing tough contaminants from intricate components, including those with hard-to-reach areas like blind holes, cracks, and recesses. 

Customised Solutions

Our customised solutions are designed to meet the specific cleaning needs of companies, whether it involves intricate parts or specific manufacturing processes. From thorough cleaning to rinsing and precise drying techniques, we offer specialised treatments that cater to your unique requirements. Our customised baskets, special racks, and frames can be tailored to fit your exact specifications, including options for batting, inclination, or rotating systems. 

Furthermore, we take pride in working closely with our clients right from the beginning to ensure that the solutions we provide are perfectly aligned with their individual needs and expectations. With our collaborative approach, we are committed to delivering tailored cleaning solutions that not only meet but exceed your requirements.

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