Truck, Bus & Machinery Industry

Turbowash’s industrial parts cleaning equipment has been cleaning large and small components in the Truck,Bus and Machinery Industry for over 30 years and have proven an invaluable tool to all workshop types within this industry. Spray washers, high pressure manual washers, ultrasonic tanks including single and multi-stage, are used to speed up production and reduce manual cleaning within traction motor workshops, general maintenance workshops and engine and power pack workshops. 

A Turbowash spray washer is a vital piece of equipment in any transport workshop for parts cleaning during maintenance and overhaul of large truck and bus components such as engines and transmissions. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing different types of dirt (grease, carbon deposits, oils, etc.) in more difficult to reach places such as cylinder heads, pumps, particle filters. 

With years of experience, ECS Turbowash is well-equipped to offer tailored advice on optimising your cleaning applications. A brief assessment of your current cleaning procedures can swiftly unveil the advantages Turbowash equipment can bring to your workshop.

What are the the principles of parts cleaning?