Parts Cleaning in Engine Rebuild Workshops


Engine rebuild workshops use parts cleaning equipment to clean parts everyday. While each workshop has ultimately the same goal – clean parts – the methods they use can be different.


Parts cleaning equipment can handle even the worst grease, oil and dirt build-up. The focus for workshop managers when deciding on what parts cleaning equipment to use is:

Economics – evaluate the cost benefit and ensure the equipment being used is fit for the job. 

Efficiency – Manual cleaning can be time consuming and costly, parts cleaning systems can have a very positive effect on workshop efficiency.

Environmental awareness – parts cleaning equipment has made huge advances in reducing their environmental impact without compromising on cleanliness.


Turbowash offer many parts cleaning solutions, however our aqueous solutions are mainly used in Engine Rebuild workshops. They are both cost-effective and ecologically friendly and are effective in cleaning cast-iron and aluminium parts whether the parts are small like fittings and fasteners, or bigger like connecting rods, pistons, cylinder heads or engine blocks.