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ECS Turbowash Ltd have a wealth of experience in supplying component cleaning equipment in the Manufacturing Industry. Our focus to date has been on the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Production
  • Aerospace


ECS Turbowash have supplied parts cleaning equipment to the automotive and related industries for several years. According to the application and size and quantitity of the components to be washed, we will recommend either a spray washer, high pressure washer or an ultrasonic tank, best suited to that application.


Turbowash cleaning equipment offers the  precision to remove dirt from complex components with cracks, joints or restricted access without damaging them. Ultrasonic equipment achieves a superior clean and saves time and effort compared to conventional washing.

Food Production

Cleaning and disinfecting in the food industry is a crucial part of the production cycle. Achieving good hygiene practices and exceeding sanitation guidelines is only possible with state-of-the-art cleaning technology. ECS Turbowash offers spray washers and ultrasonic cleaning equipment with a wide variety of capacities, specially designed for cleaning parts of any size and weight. Ultrasonic cleaning systems are used both for cleaning grilles, burners, hooks, moulds, baking trays, production tapes, filters, machinery components and other elements of the food sector, as well as for even certain foods.

Our equipment is ideal to remove oil, dirt, residues, and burnt on grease among others, using a combination of ultrasonic and non-harmful detergents. With ultrasonic cleaning we completely remove dirt without accommodating the possibility of contamination. With the recommended ultrasonic system, we achieve a better cleaning result compared to traditional methods. This constitutes a guarantee for the maintenance of equipment and instruments in an industry with such high hygiene standards.


The precision of ultrasonic cleaning helps both the manufacturers of the components and the MRO centers to meet the high-quality specifications and the strict safety standards of this sector. Where safety is of the utmost importance, the equipment offered by Turbowash is essential for the cleaning of hydraulic systems, heat exchangers, engine components, injection pumps, vanes, etc. since ultrasonic cleaning does not affect the materials or alter the dimensions of the surfaces. Turbowash has extensive experience in the aeronautic industry and can offer you the most suitable solution for your requirements.


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