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Daily cleaning of all components in general transport workshops becomes a complex task if you do not have the adequate cleaning means. ECS Turbowash provides industry-leading automatic cleaning equipment that is designed to eliminate costly and inefficient manual cleaning of components during maintenance and rebuild projects.

ECS Turbowash Ltd have proven experience in the transport industry:

  • Rail
  • Truck & Bus
  • Marine
  • Aerospace

Turbowash’s industrial parts cleaning equipment has been cleaning large and small components in the Rail Industry for over 30 years and have proven an invaluable tool to all workshop types within this industry. Spray washers, high pressure manual washers, ultrasonic tanks including single and multi-stage, and vacuum pumps are utilised to speed up production and reduce manual cleaning within wheel and bogie workshops, traction motor workshops, general maintenance workshops and engine and power pack workshops. From cleaning wheels to gearboxes Turbowash can assist you in solving your cleaning application problems.

A Turbowash spray wash is a vital piece of equipment in any transport workshop for parts cleaning during maintenance and overhaul of large truck and bus components such as engines and transmissions. Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for removing different types of dirt (grease, carbon deposits, oils, etc.) in more difficult to reach places such as cylinder heads, pumps, particle filters.

Turbowash equipment is used in marine engine workshops for the cleaning of large blocks, cylinder heads and other associated engine and transmission components during rebuild and maintenance projects. Downtime costs of vessels can be considerable so it is vital that internal engine components are cleaned to a very high standard.

ECS Turbowash have the experience and know how to best advise you with your cleaning applications. A simple review of your current cleaning process can quickly determine how Turbowash equipment could benefit your workshop.


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