Super Dragin Vacuum Pump

Solve your liquid clean-up challenges simply and affordably with this versatile compressed air powered vacuum system that converts metal drums into supercharged wet vacuums. Super Dragin Drum Vacuum Pumps are designed to vacuum up liquid/fluid spills allowing you to recycle or collect & capture valuable lubricating oils, coolants and many other liquids.

Super Dragin Drum Vacuum Pumps, also known as Drum Pumps, Air Vacuums, Drum Vacs, Pneumatic Vacuums, barrel pumps, Coolant Vacuums & Drum Top Pumps to name a few, are very fast to vacuum oils, sludge, animal waste, hydraulic fluid, tramp oil, coolant and most kinds of heavy fluid. They can fill a 205 litre drum in just over a minute. The Reversa option allows the drum to be emptied in super quick time also.

Super Dragin vacuum pumps have no moving parts which means no maintenance is required. Powered by compressed air only, there is no fear of electrocution when working in a wet environment. Only air moves through the pump (no fluids) and the chrome plated float valve will shut off the vacuum when the drum is full. Your workshop can now comply with spill control laws, with a one-time cost outlay, no need to restock wheelie bins with Absorbent packs.


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