Multi Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning

ECS Turbowash offers single and multi stage ultrasonic equipment to customers in a broad range of industries. The Turbowash multi stage ultrasonic systems are built according to customers requirements and specifications. Turbowash offer both manual and automatic multi stage systems.

A multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner has multiple tanks so parts can manually or automatically be moved from one tank to another quickly and efficiently. Different tanks can be incorporated into the multi-stage automatic system depending on the components to be cleaned, such as an ultrasonic tank, a cold rinse, a hot rinse, and drying.

Since the requirements for quality and quantity of the parts to be cleaned are different, each cleaning system is built according to the prospective customers’ specifications. Ultrasonic cleaning systems are widely used in many industries, including automotive, transport, earthmoving, manufacturing, power generation and printing, to name a few.


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