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Automotive Workshops

 The efficiency of Turbowash component cleaning equipment in the Automotive Industry is exceptional. Oils, grease, soils and carbon build-ups are removed quickly and efficiently.

Turbowash equipment is used for the cleaning of all engine components, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, turbochargers, injectors and particle filters, as well as for cleaning brakes, gearboxes, radiators, transmission systems, etc.

Spray wash cabinets are a great addition to any automotive workshop for parts cleaning and degreasing of components to a high standard. Multi metal chemicals are used to clean a wide variety of component materials.

Ultrasonic tanks can be used for more aggressive cleaning and stripping of carbon, rust and even paint. They are particularly effective at removing heavy deposits of burnt on carbon, grease and soils from internal difficult to reach areas such as oil galleries and exhaust ports, reducing the effort and time employed by traditional systems.

We know that your reputation depends on cleaning parts effectively and efficiently. Turbowash can help you choose the right cleaning solution as well as offer training and support to help you meet your requirements in this Industry.


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