Paint Gun Cleaning Stations

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Paint Gun Cleaning Stations

Paint Gun Cleaning Stations / Gun Washers

Spray Guns are an important tool in all paint and body shops. It is vitally important to keep them clean so as to ensure a good quality paint finish. Turbowash offer a wide range of manual and automatic paint gun cleaning station to suit all your gun cleaning application. Our spray gun cleaners can be used for cleaning either solvent based or water borne paints from the paint gun between colour changes.

Turbowash Automatic and Manual Spray Gun Cleaners are an effective and economical way for paint and body shops to ensure that their spray guns are always clean and in good working order. If they are not cleaned properly the work may have to be done again, which can be costly.

Turbowash offer their Gun Washers on a purchase or lease basis. This includes a service and maintenance contract for a fixed cost helping you budget evenly across the year.

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