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Our Focus

ECS Turbowash Ltd’s core focus is on service and our aim is to build a strong reputation as being a reliable, trustworthy, ‘there when you need us’, ‘value for money’ supplier, always considering the environment as an integral part of our operating strategy and ensuring that any threat of pollution from its activities is identified and either eliminated or effectively controlled.

ECS services mainly focus on component and plant (fixed and mobile) cleaning solutions as shown below. Targeting mainly Automotive, Manufacturing, Transport, Earthmoving, Mining, Rail, Aerospace, food and Printing clients, ECS can supply, service and maintain component and plant cleaning equipment, including Solvent based manual wash sinks, fully automated Turbowash Aqueous Spray Washers, Agitating Hot Tanks and Pressure Washers. Our service and maintenance programs include the collection and correct treatment or recycling (when possible) of all contaminated spent cleaning solutions.

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We do it all

Equipment Lease

- This includes a full service and maintenance program covering all maintenance due to normal wear and tear, all detergent and the removal and handling of waste – All this working out at less money than the cost of buying and owning your own equipment.

Pressure Wash Services

- Why not use ECS’s Pressure Wash Service for your difficult or unusual cleaning requirements. ECS can send a man out to you to undertake all your pressure washing requirements.

Specialist Cleaning Consultation

- If you have plant or components that needs cleaning why not talk to us and find the most effective, efficient, cost conscious and environmentally friendly solution for the application.


- Customer Owned Machine Maintenance or Service – If you already own a machine or decide to buy a machine from ECS, ECS can service and/or maintain your machine – Includes all waste removal and handling.

24 Hour Breakdown Call Out

- ECS Turbowash offer a 24 hour breakdown call out to all of their customers, working towards limiting downtime, minimising interruptions and maximising your production.


- ECS Turbowash Ltd will fully train customers on how to use their equipment and detergents for the most effective, efficient, cost conscious and environmentally friendly cleaning results.