Manual Cleaning Solvent Sinks

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Solvent Sinks

Manual Cleaning Solvent Sinks

The sturdiness and simplicity of design of the innovative ECS  Manual Cleaning Solvent Sinks makes them a valuable tool in a workshop where manual cleaning and pre assembly wash of components is still utilised. The sink and tank are hinged together and full access to the tank is gained by tilting the sink. There is no heavy lifting required during servicing as is the case with the traditional solvent sinks that sit on top of a drum.

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Non Filtered Sinks: Both the electric and pneumatic sinks are available non-filtered, for pre cleaning components that have a heavy build up of soils, grease etc. The ECS solvent sinks incorporate a 50 micron strainer tray insert, straining all particles outside these parameters, thus offering extended service intervals – lower cost and better for the environment. Filtered Sinks: For any industry that requires extended solvent life and guaranteed contamination free final assembly of components to industry leading standard, the ECS SS80F and SS150F offers the solution. With an advanced triple filtration system, the ECS Solvent Sink extends the solvent service life to six months. Designed specifically to meet Caterpillar’s stringent contamination control requirements, the advanced triple filtration system employed by the ECS filtered sinks removes particles down to 3 micron in size. ECS can offer sinks with 3 micron or 25 micron filtration options. Pneumatic Sinks: Taking into account applications in flame proof (Class 1, zone 1) and explosion proof workshop environments ECS Turbowash offer a solvent sink that utilises a pneumatic pump for solvent circulation. Optional is a remote mounted 24 Volt DC power supply and light (if a light source is required).   Contact Us

Manual Cleaning Solvent Sinks

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