Drum Vacuum Pumps

Cleaning, Reusing, Recycling… Environmentally

Drum Vacuum Pumps

Drum Vacuum Pumps

Super Dragin Drum Vacuum Pumps are designed to vacuum up liquid/fluid spills allowing you to Recycle or Collect & Capture valuable lubricating oils. Being compressed air powered means there is no fear of being electrocuted when working in a wet environment. NEW – Anti-Static and Reversa (pump out) models are also available.

Super Dragin Drum Vacuum Pumps, also known as Drum Pump, Air Vacuum, Drum Vac, Pneumatic Vacuum, Coolant Vacuum & Drum Top Pump to name a few, are very fast to vacuum oils, sludge, animal waste, hydraulic fluid, tramp oil, coolant and most kinds of heavy fluid. They can fill a 205 litre drum in just over a minute.

Turn your 205 litre & 60 litre drums into vacuum cleaners, simply connect the Super Dragin Pump to the 3/4” drum plug and attach the included hose fitting kit to the 2” drum plug, attach your compressed air line and you now have a system that will vacuum up coolant, hydraulic and engine oil as well as sludge so fast you will be amazed .It is also fitted with a safety float valve which is designed to shut off the vacuum when the drum is full and comes complete with a vacuum wand, crevice nozzle and vacuum head to allow complete cleaning of your machine tool sump, EDM machine, or oil reservoir.

Attach the chrome wand and 420mm squeegee head to vacuum up fluid spills which allows you to Recover valuable oils. As they are powered by compressed air powered there is no fear of being electrocuted when working in a wet environment, When emergency response is need to recover spills and protect the environmental then the Super Dragin pump works every time.

Connect the airline to your 100 psi compressed air line & your good to go, the user friendly Super Dragin pumps will vacuum up every last drop as it produces more vacuuming power, so it’s “Safe, Simple & Incredibly Efficient”.
There are no moving parts, therefore no maintenance required, only air moves through the pump, no fluids, the chrome plated float valve will shut off the vacuum at when the drum is full.
Your workshop can now comply with spill control laws, with a one-time cost outlay, no need to restock wheelie bins with Absorbent packs.
Anti-Static models are also available.

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