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Agitating Hot Tanks

Caustic Cleaning has always been a necessary but unpleasant and costly part of the cleaning cycle in most workshops; however, it has proven to be the only effective one-step method of cleaning those unseen areas such as OIL GALLERIES and EXHAUST PORTS. Today these problems are eliminated with ECS’s New Generation of Agitating Hot Tanks (Caustic).

The ECS Agitating Hot Tanks is an integrated cleaning tank, centrifugal filter and oil skimmer, designed to replace conventional hot caustic tanks. The Agitating Hot Tank is used to clean and strip component of such unwanted contaminants as grease, oil, paint, powder coat, rust, gasket, and carbon. The patented centrifugal filter removes waste solids from the cleaning solution during processing, and in addition the agitation cycle has been improved to increase cleaning effectiveness.


The ECS Agitating Hot Tanks range from as small as 200 litre tanks, ideal for cleaning small components, up to 22,000 litre tanks that are used to clean locomotive and marine engine components. The patented centrifugal filter, that is fitted to tanks AT800 and larger, offers a major saving in chemical top-up and significantly extends the service life of the chemical. Chemical life in excess of 12 years has been experienced in diesel engine reconditioning workshops before needing to be replaced.

Whether it involves cleaning ferrous or non-ferrous components, the ECS Agitating Hot Tank is capable of completing the task. Different applications require different chemicals to be used in order to ensure the components are cleaned effectively and without sustaining any damage to the parts. ECS Turbowash is a distributor of Chemetall PLC (Chemetall-Oakite) cleaning detergents, a leading Global cleaning chemical company. With Chemetalls professional assistance ECS can ensure the correct chemical is utilised in any application where the ECS Hot Tank is being used.

Elimination of sludge deposits in the tank has enabled a consequent reduction in tank capacity of 30% over conventional hot tanks. The elimination of sludge settlement area allows a more compact design with lower working height and easier operator access.

Agitating Hot Statistics

HOT TANK MODELAT800AT1600AT2000AT4000AT5500AT10000
PLATFORM MM1210 X 7801660 X 9201860 X 930 2400 X 10202660 X 14203700 X 1420
FLOOR SPACE MM1450 X 1450 1950 X 1650 1650 X 2200 3000 X 18703050 X 23204230 X 2320
WORKING DEPTH MM60070070095010501100
PLATFORM RAISED MM100011001100152015201800
COLUMN HEIGHT MM 200022002200300030003400
MAX LOAD KG 400850900200025003500 or 5000
RAM SIZE MM125160200250250 or 300
POWER REQUIRED 380V 20A 380V 32A 380V 26A 380V 50A380V 80A380V 80A
ELEMENT SIZE 3 X 3.6Kw 3 X 4.8Kw 3 X 6Kw 6 X 6Kw 9 X 6Kw12 X 6kw
AIR REQUIREMENT 10cfm15cfm20cfm40cfm60cfm100cfm

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