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Environmental Cleaning Solutions

ECS Turbowash Limited is an Irish owned and run business and they are proud to offer a broad range of industry-leading, cleaning equipment for component and plant cleaning applications. ECS have a very hands-on approach to their business, leaning towards preventative maintenance programs and aiming to gain respect as an efficient, helpful and trust worthy supplier to the Irish and UK market. Their core focus is to assist customers to reduce costs through offering equipment, services, detergents and consultancy advice that will eliminate costly and inefficient cleaning during repair, maintenance, rebuild and manufacturing programs.

ECS Turbowash Limited offers solutions for all your component and plant cleaning applications and its range of cleaning systems include fully automated Turbowash Aqueous Parts Washers and Agitating Hot Tanks (for metal and Aluminium cleaning), and manually operated Solvent Sink and Pressure Washers.

Due to the rigors of the industries that ECS Turbowash Ltd services, it is essential that the equipment which is utilised for washing is heavy duty enough to satisfy all requirements. All ECS cleaning equipment is designed with this in mind, and with a major emphasis placed on ensuring that the operation and servicing of all equipment is simple and requires only readily and commercially available parts where possible.

Today, as a complete solutions provider for your Plant and Component Cleaning requirements, we are uniquely qualified to satisfy your needs. Our intimate link with the industries we serve is to your competitive advantage. Our high quality products and knowledgeable, well-trained people stand ready to help you succeed.

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Our Environmental policy

Our commitment to the environment –  A statement of policy

Environmental Cleaning Systems Turbowash Limited is a provider of component and plant cleaning solutions and environmental services. ECS Turbowash Limited considers the environment as an integral part of its operating strategy and ensures that any threat of pollution from its activities is identified and either eliminated or effectively controlled. Turbowash receive and treat spent cleaning solutions before returning it to the environment. This policy is fully endorsed by and has total commitment from the directors and senior management of the company. It is the policy of ECS to exercise responsible stewardship of natural resources that may be impacted by company activities. ECS adopts the aims and principles of “sustainable development” while providing value for money to their client. That is development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In particular we will:

  • Aim to prevent pollution and meet fully our legal obligations to the environment.
  • Continue to develop and improve our wider environmental performance.
  • Continually assess the environmental impact of all our activities.
  • Measure our performance against specified targets.
  • Promote a wider understanding of environmental issues among our employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Develop and promote quality products and service with a minimum environmental impact.
  • Develop and promote quality products and services that will assist the customer in their environmental awareness and improvement.
  • Comply with environmental legislation & regulations appropriate to our business.
  • Where practicable and in the majority of applications use biodegradable cleaning detergents.
  • Will handle wastes through best available environmental practices and lawfully dispose of only through the use of assessed and accredited hazardous waste contractors.